An arcade game made for Jamaggedon 2022 Game Jam. The theme was Arcade, and we had to develop a game to be played on both PC and on our university's Arcade machine.

Take over several arcade machines at the same time, while you try to stay alive in all of them to beat the highscore! 

  • You'll have to keep the Firefighter running and avoiding obstacles in the first machine "Super Firio".
  • Shoot all the enemy spaceships in time before it's too late in "Star Guardian".
  • Keep the bar high, otherwise the energy will run out and you won't be able to see the other games!


SWITCH MACHINESQ & ELeft/Right joystick
JUMP / SHOOT / RECHARGESpaceLower middle button
ROTATE CANYONLeft/Right ArrowLower left & right buttons
SELECT OPTION (MENUS)Space barLower middle button

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Download 32 MB

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